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Confederatia Patronala a industriei din Romānia Uniunea Generală a industriaşilor din România UGIR-1903


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Historical bench-marks

The Confederation today

The activity in time

1891-23 March. The "Industry" Society is borne, with the purpose of organizing expositions and conferences, providing professional training and solving together with the authorities, interest matters of the manufacturers.

1903-27 January. Manufacturers' meeting that form the "General Union of the Romanian Manufactures"

1918-23 December. The General Meeting adopts measures for strengthen the industry, for the re-organization of the employers' organization activity and it asks for the creation of a Industry Chamber and the organization of the Romanian credit.

1923-13 May. UGIR debates the draft of the Work Law, the creation of the Industrial Chambers, the creation of an industry for competitive raw materials, the stimulation of the foreign investment and delegates a commission for the dialogue with the government.

1924-3-5 March. The representatives of the manufacturers analyze the effects of the increase of custom taxes on the endearment of products and life, the laws for work, social assurances, nationalization of the industry and the trade of State's companies.

1927-10 March. The UGIR Committee debates on the stabilization of the "leu" (the Romanian currency) the draft of the law for encouraging house construction, taxes on the industry, free areas.

1928-27-28 April. There are adopted decisions regarding the draft of a law supporting the national industry, the creation of a Superior Economic Council, the industrial property regime, mortgage credits and debts to the State.

1934-June. During the Work Conference in Geneva, the director general, CR Mircea, presents a point of view about "centralised" economy, showing its limits and supporting free economy.

1938-December. There are analysed the employers' organization' activity and some severe problems: contingencies on imports, the law for supporting the national industry, the social help for the unemployed.

1948 - 8 November. The dissolution of the UGIR by the communist authorities and the confiscation of its patrimony.

1993-17 November. The Extraordinary General Meeting takes places in order to re-take the activity of UGIR through UGIR-1903.

1998- by civil sentence no. 4238 of the Law Court of the 2 District of Bucharest, UGIR-1903 is recognized by justice both as successor of the institution created in 1903 and owner by rights of the patrimony of the ex-Employers Organization, mainly the UGIR Palace, built in 1939 by members contribution.



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